Cervelo Soloist

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Lightweight and aerodynamic, suited best for the week in week out road rider and amateur racer

Turbulent Aero-inspired mixed profile rims to elevate the aerodynamics of the Soloist

Cables are routed under the stem for a tidy cockpit and easy stem swaps


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For the dedicated, week-in, week-out rider and racer, the Cervelo Soloist offers a lightweight, aerodynamic amateur rider/racer’s dream come true. The Soloist has a steeped history of high-marking the world of race-equipped road bikes. Now, the Soloist is re-envisioned not for the World Tour rider but for you, the one putting in the miles, week after week; the one showing up to road races as a true contender; the amateur rider who desires the ideal combination of aerodynamics and lightweight. 

The Soloist is a confident, high-performance road bike. The geometry is stable, offering confidence-inspiring stability for hammering through training miles and fast-paced races alike. The Soloist features the BBRight T-47 press-fit bottom bracket, Cervelo’s answer to frame longevity, optimizing the chain line, and riding on the most efficient drivetrain design.  

Travel is made easy with key design features––all cables are routed under the stem (as opposed to full integration) so that you can easily swap out the bars and stem and remove them for travel. The Soloist stem and cable routing eliminates the need for brake bleeds every time you move the cockpit. 

The Soloist is forward-thinking with compatibility for mechanical or electronic shifting. The frame itself will not be the limiting factor wherever the road ahead leads. 

Because the wind doesn’t meet you head-on in a linear, consistent pattern, Turbulent Aero wheels pair mixed profile rims to maximize aerodynamics. All Soloist builds feature mixed profile rims in carbon or lightweight aluminum wheelsets.