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Lightweight, efficient road bike built for women’s endurance efforts

Compact road bike frame with key features for all-day comfort

Wide range of price points and buildkits on Advanced Composite and Allux frames to match every rider


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The Liv Avail is made for all-day comfort for women on solo adventure road rides and group rides alike. Built on Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, this compact road bike is designed to accommodate a wide range of female frames and riding ambitions. Whether you choose the Advanced Pro model featuring Liv’s lightweight Advanced Grade Composite frame and or the AR on Liv’s durable Allux frame, you’re getting an approachable bike that climbs efficiently, descends confidently, and keeps you comfortable on your longest rides.

The Liv series has a few key performance features. The D-Fuse seatpost dampens vibrations for a smoother ride and the Over Driver 2 steertube gives you stability and stiffness while cornering. Disc brakes offer smooth, controlled stopping in any weather conditions, and can accommodate up to 32c tire widths. With the wide range of price points and build kits, the Liv Avail offers a bike for every lady rider, for any kind of road adventure.

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