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The Pinarello X, formerly known as the Pinarello Paris, is here to shakeup the endurance road bike category. All day comfort and performance is to endurance road bikes what super stiff frames are to elite road racing. The Pinarello X adapts the high performance builds that Pinarello is most known for and adds multiple levels of comfort to an otherwise familiar frame. 

With 20% greater compliance (when compared to Pinarello’s high end road bikes), the Pinarello X is ready to take on the cobblestones and unpredictable tarmac, while still thriving on smooth pavement. An updated rear flex system uses Flex Stays to eliminate the need for mechanical damping and allow the Pinarello X to absorb vibration with flex in the rear triangle. 

The Pinarello X offers riders a relaxed geometry for all day comfort and performance. With a shorter reach and a taller stack, riders will sit more comfortably upright, minimizing discomfort that arises from an aggressive body position on road-specific designs. The relaxed geometry and increased flex will enhance your performance by making longer days in the saddle more comfortable. With 32mm tire clearance, the Pinarello X offers the ideal combination of reliable traction, comfort, and compliance. 

A familiar frame featuring Pinarello’s iconic curves gives the Pinarello X an aerodynamic advantage over your typical endurance road bike. The T600 carbon frame is the least stiff of the Pinarello builds but offers vertical flex and better compliance when the road gets rough. An Onda Fork offers precision and stability in handling the front end around bends and descents while an asymmetric frame offers balance and stability to overall travel. 

The Pinarello X adopts the high tech and aero design features of a competition road bike but adjusts the geometry and compliance for a more enjoyable ride.

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