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Specialized Turbo Como Top Tier Build

As if the Turbo Como line of e-bikes weren't comfortable enough, the IGH models up the ante with more tech, more efficiency, and less effort. The enviolo AUTOMATiQ Internal Gear Hub (IGH) is a sleek system that controls the Turbo Como’s pedaling. You set a preferred pedaling pace and IGH automatically shifts gears for varying road gradients. IGH Turbo Como bikes also feature a Gates Belt Drive instead of a chain, lending to a cleaner, low maintenance, and efficient ride. Garmin Radar is integrated into the Turbo Como 5.0 IGH, adding another level of safety. IGH models mirror the drivetrains, motors, and batteries of their corresponding Como build kits. If comfort and ease are what you’re after, the IGH models should not be overlooked.

Meanwhile, the Turbo Como 5.0 is an unmatched, comfort cruiser, featuring high-tech sensors for safety and a more powerful motor than the 3.0 or 4.0. A Garmin Radar is integrated into the Turbo Como 5.0 to let you know when cars are approaching and pairs perfectly with the MasterMind bike computer to give you real-time updates and alerts about a nearby vehicle's distance, speed, and location. This is one feature that is worth the upgrade! The Turbo Como 5.0 features a Full Power 2.2 motor that can be tuned with the Mission Control app and a 710Wh battery that is removable and lockable for added security. SRAM completes the 5.0 build kit with G2 hydraulic brakes and a trusty SRAM drivetrain.

The Turbo Como 4.0 closely resembles it’s Turbo Como 3.0 and 5.0 siblings, with a few notable differences in drivetrain and power. The Turbo Como 4.0 is powered by a Specialized 2.0 motor with 70Nm torque for powering up steep city streets. The removable and lockable 710 Wh battery is identical to the Turbo Como 5.0’s battery. Specialized touch points include a Body Geometry Comfor Gel saddle, Body Geometry Contour grips, and Specialized Como handlebars. The Turbo Como 4.0 was built for comfortable cruising. The Turbo Como 4.0 features a no-nonsense 1x SRAM NX 11-speed drivetrain. Synonymous with simplicity and durability, you’ll have plenty of gearing range and an action ready drivetrain to venture around town on the Turbo Como 4.0.

All three models share an E5 Aluminum chassis, Pathfinder Sport Reflect tires, and accessories such as DRYTECH fenders, Turbo System Lock, and integrated lights.

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Specialized Turbo Como Options

The Turbo Como 3.0 brings comfort and confidence to a reasonably priced e-bike for cruising around town. With a 90-mile range, you can enjoy long commutes or bike path cruises l with a fraction of the effort, or replace your car for more eco-friendly around-town travel. The Turbo Como 3.0 quadruples your pedaling efforts, offering a smooth, effortless ride. The rear fender offers a 60-pound hauling capacity and the Turbo Como 3.0 is equipped to pull a thru-axle trailer too. The suspension is dialed in with a Suntour fork and oversized Pathfinder tires to smooth the road ahead. The 3.0 features Shimano brakes, a Shimano drivetrain, and a Specialized 2.0E motor. Dial in your support levels and view real-time ride details with the MasterMind display.


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Get comfortable on the Cadillac of active e-bikes. The Specialized Turbo Como is your go-to for a comfort-focused, confidence-inspiring, Class 3 e-bike with the lowest step-through available.

Designed to navigate along any road, possibly some off-roads too, the Turbo Como rolls on oversized tires at a pedal-assisted speed of up to 28 mph, quadrupling your pedal efforts with a Specialized Turbo Full Power motor and battery. 

Hop on and enjoy the ride with features that are designed to give you optimal comfort––effortless pedal assist, an 80mm front fork, Spring suspension seatpost, and higher volume Pathfinder tires all equate to a smoother ride. An ergonomic upright body position lends itself to maximum comfort, no matter how far you’re going. 

Safety and security are serious business. A Garmin Radar lets you know when cars are approaching from up to 460 feet away so that you can ride safely along roadways (5.0 models only or purchase separately). Integrated lights on the Turbo Como mean you’ll never get caught in the dark. The Turbo Como features a turbo system lock that is activated from the app and the battery can be removed or locked to secure it anytime you step away from your bike.

Ride the Specialized Turbo Como

Driven by comfort, confidence, and speed

Class 3 e-bike reaches engaging speeds up to 28mph

A modern town bike for tackling errands, commuting around the city, and effortlessly getting you from point A to point B